Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pockie Ninja Review

So Pockie Ninja just went into OBT 2 days ago so I thought I'd check it out. If you don't know, it's a browser game that uses Naruto and Bleach characters (not sure if they're allowed though). The fights are done without any interaction so you kinda just watch two people fight it out, but you set the skills and equipment like you would normally do.
So let's get started.
Holy shit that's a lot of free stuff
Like a lot of other games produced in Asia (in this case Taiwan), you're bombarded with freebies that keep you playing. You start by choosing a character to use (which you can switch later on in the game as you acquire more 'outfits') and choose a Village to start in. You'll get a bunch of tutorial quests that don't require any thinking or skill but give a shit ton of exp. The first 10 levels or so fly by fast.
Strange, a browser game with decently priced cash shop items
Simple tasks such as staying online for a certain time or doing quests reward you with Gift Coupons that can substitute as Gold (irl currency) for certain things. I found that you get plenty of coupons easily, unlike many other games where you can barely make it without $$$ (Caesary). Granted some things can't be bought w/ coupons such as more backpack space, but all in all, it's very fair.
Nothing witty to say about this part
The graphics are crisp and pretty good for a browser game. The fighters are all chibis (super deformed) and the skills look pretty damn cool often enough. Lots of variety in monsters (seriously, there are sushi monsters) and a lot of outfits to choose from.
Why's it so quiet?
There is background music to the maps, but there aren't any sound effects for skills or hits or even for when you win or lose. In this respect, it feels incomplete. At least add some sloshing sounds when I use a mud based skill, you know?
Me love you long time?
There's a ton of translation errors that could have been fixed by just going over the lines. A lot of things are awkwardly phrased and unclear. 
Restrictions that come from being a browser game
It's basically an idle game w/ ninjas and Soul Reapers. There isn't too much that is very innovative. I was really expecting for you to be able to control the fight, but sadly it does it on its own. It feels unpolished, which is expected from a game just entering open beta but these days, open beta is almost synonymous w/ opened. It's very accessible because it doesn't require any plug-ins but Flash.

It's a nice time waster when you're doing some work but definitely nothing worthy of your main game. 


  1. am i seeing things or they did just merge naurto with bleach in a game! AWESOME

  2. great stuff... love your background image btw!

  3. Good review. I'm still considering whether or not to check it out.

  4. Yeah, I second that. Dunno if I wanna try it@!

  5. Great find! Thanks for that.

    Good blog btw, I'll be following